Xenobenders are a hybrid of hellbenders and Xenogaros. Despite not even living on Desnorca, it's suspected atleast half the defect population are actually xenobenders. Some notable Xenobenders are

  • Ijax a young toddler Xenobender who gets himself into trouble.
  • Xaji a clone of Ijax who had his DNA accidently tampered with. He is the same ages as Ijax, but is smaller because of his stubby legs.
  • Bender's Father a xenobender who is mostly Hellbender because he was born hellbender. His genes became fused with the xenogaros that died in the Star Pentagon crash. his only obvious difference when under his cloak is his extra finger and deformed eye.
  • Raneus Ijax's sister and Bender's step sister. She looks like a xenogaro, but has a tail and extra finger. she's a bounty hunter who usually works for her father, but takes any oppurtunity to get money.
  • Bender unknown to both Bender and Cheesepuff, neither of them are true Hellbenders. both are actually Xenobenders because their great great grandfather was a xenogaro. Bender acts as a parent for Ijax, though Ijax often gets himself lost.
  • Cheesepuff a diabolical genius, he's actually a failure in life and only has hopes in one of his apprentices, Cheesecake.
  • Jixmi Bender's Uncle. He's addicted to Alkeny. He has a tail and webbed feet, but claims it's from the Alkeny.
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