Wispell is a nameless juvenile Wispell from the planet Soluna, although Wispell does not know of his origins. He
resides in Aqua Springs alongside Ploxl and friends. Wispell is one of the only mascots from Aqua Springs who is not intimidated by Loffica, and often has conversations with her. Wispell is incredibly smart and is a master at scorcery, despite abusing this ability to pull pranks on people.

Birth of this foolEdit

Most say he came to this realm like super man, in a capsule. And some say that a black hole ate his planet. But this is preposterous seeming as though his homeworld Soluna appears in Ploxl's Exodus: Shadows of a Hero.

Others say the wormhole theory still stands, and that Wispell's home was sucked into it, but nobody knows why. However, some do believe Wispell teleported away (like Vex in Darkspore) to Mascotia. But nobody's seen him teleport at all.


  • Ploxl- They have a lot in common.
  • Loffica- Secretly, some people think wispells afraid of her.
  • Spot- with wispells make-the-house-disappear trick.
  • Jellpo- any freind of ploxl's a freind of his.
  • Dark Shadows- for transporting.
  • Manku- Wispell wants to keep the shades power a secret from manku.


  • Wispells name is possibly a merge of wish, and spell. Both are magical terms.
  • Wispell has never grown up, some think he has an anti-aging potion in his house.
  • He has 'pets' that gaurd the dungeon beneath his house.
  • Wispell has a lot of books - that's for sure.