This is a topic we have kind of been edging around lately without much of a clear plan, other than our objectives.

I believe we can all agree these are our objectives:

1: Video Game Series

2: Mascotia Website

3: Profit

These are our 2 main goals we pretty much all share, right? Some of us also have secondary goals

- Comics/Webcomic/ect

- Merchandise (T shirts, plushies, ect)

- Other stories/expanding the universe.

Now,let's take a look at what we need right now in total

1: Our current biggest need is money. No money= no videogames/merchandise= no profit

2: More of a following: Yes, there are a lot of us, yes there are a fair share of folks who ackowledge our existance, and yet we still don't have an especially large fanbase, mostly because of our medium/lack of medium. For that we need to start rolling out stories/comics/videogames ect.

3: A plan: this is what I think we should start working on right here right now. Once we have a plan and we can get the ball rolling, things will add up and progress will be made. We have the base universe, we have stories we can put into form. We still need that action and build up though

So now what we need to do, now that we have these base matters identified, is come up with our plan for the future. Poss owns the Mascotia franchize and he is currently el presidente. What he says goes. But as I think Poss will agree, I think we should all have a say in what we do. We need to all contribute, all of us. We have had so much internal conflict over not agreeing, and we have recently lost 2 of our Admins/founding members, Luther AKA Shadowraptor, and Josh AKA Betterthanyou/RhedNova. As of right now, let's take stock of our current overall situation and go from there.

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