The Shade, known by many other names, is the main antagonist of "Maskotia". While it takes on many forms, it's main form is a huge, unsentient, bellowing mass of dark grey smoke, which explosions of red energy visible from within occasionally, similar to lightning. Its physical form is known as The Apparition.


The Shade appears in every game in Maskotia , first being formed at the end of Ploxl's Exodus: Shadows of a Hero, and defeated at the end of ''Maskotia: Revelations.

Ploxl's Exodus: Appears when it is formed when Dark Ploxl and Dark Jellpo become one, and morph into the very first form of the Shade.

SpotQuest: Appears as Dark Plague (aka Darklung). Although it appears as a dark version of Spot, it is actually a large colony of shade flies.

Maskotia: Relucas' Reformation: Appears as (name is not official), a completely black version of Relucas with a static-like face.

Maskotia: Divided we Stand: Appears as a simple Shade Crystal that devoted its power to Iniaki. Anuko, Aoife, Damon, and actually becomes Razpunn.

Maskotia: The Newcomer: Shogun, the "man" who lead humans to their own downfall.

(Untitled Gellata Nexus game): Unnamed beast with a body that resembles outter space and a huge gaping radial mouth filled with teeth.

Maskotia: Pantheon's "Enlightenment": Appears as the Tar Shade, who gives his power to Gargaholt.

(Untitled Soluna game): Doesn't initially appear, but is "recreated" by other Wispellians after a series of events.

Maskotia: Revelations: The Apparition.

SpotQuest II: Defeated in Revelations, but the Nauo Crystal appears as a single shard unaccounted for in The Reality Server.