What and Where is Terra's World?Edit

Terra's World is a world completely seperated from Mascotia, always orbiting Orbit Mascotia, so it is thought that perhaps it is the future moon of mascotia, as Orbit Mascotia is the future version of Mascotia but connected by worm holes. Obviously the conditions have lightened, otherwise there would be no life. Worm Holes connect Terra's World to both Mascotia and Orbit Mascotia.

Terra's World is a large planetoid, around the size of Pluto. It has atmosphere and fauna and water, so it is habitible. The first known habitant was Terra the turtle. Soon, as the worm holes were discovered, mascots began to move in. Their is now a full city, a cove, and a reef, and even a summer/winter camp.

Importance of Terra's WorldEdit

Ever since discovery, Terra's World became the hub world of mascotia. It's home to a camp, a fair, and the galaxy's best musicians. It has a major influence on the economy, despite having no main currency.

The best musician mascots come to the local inn at the city here to test their skill against the infamous Lightning Lord, making a good show for the customers.