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a cross section of specle wing biology

Specle is one of Bigbear's oldest allies. Usually specle works in the background and is not often seen in most adventures, prefering to work instead on research and development for BIGBEAR CO, as well as take care of Castle
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A badly Sideways drawing of specle with some heavy artillary



Specle came to Mascotia after accidentally blowing up his ancestoral tree back on his home planet of Culuceia, a tropical swamp planet with a vast sea and few sections of land. Finding the young new planet, he made contact with the first civilizational hub he found, the developing Castle BigBear. Intriguided by the design and the locals, Specle decided to offer his skills as a scientist and engineer. BigBear immediatly noted Specle's valuable skills, and offered him a position as his right hand man, or in this case, his wingman. The two became great friends, as BigBear, though scientifically interested and haveing many great ideas, was not himself very intelligent in deep technical facts, as opposed to Specle, who's bread and butter was advanced technology. Specle was however very puzzled by the BAIR project, as the technology was nothing he had a hand in, or had seen before. However he was more than happy to help in upgrading and inovating them with new upgrades, and helped re-write those who needed it after the BAIR revolt. Again puzzled by the appearence of the new Ember tech, Specle would finally find out the source of this technology from BigBear, and the dramatic concequences that it could have if it got into the wrong hands. Fortunately however, Castle BigBear is guarded by heavily armed BAIR units, and the native kaiju of the land.


Specle is not the most social of people. He is far more content to lounge around and either enjoy his down time or work on a project. He spends a lot of time cooped up, working for days and nights non-stop, being fueled by coffee and delicious cat food (since eating cats is frowned apon, much to his dismay). After he has fufilled his goal, he groggily hops skips and stumbles into his roost and promptly falls asleep. Specle has few friends outside the locals of Castle BigBear, and is constantly heckled by T Gar. However, after going through his transitonal metamorphosis into his adult form, Specle wonders if he will ever find a mate to settle down and have a clutch with. However, he often muses to himself, he could simply follow the example of the Star Wars character Jango Fett and clone himself his own children, without the need for the messy confusing web of soicial interaction that is a relationship.


  • Specle was BigBear629's first creation on spore.
  • Specle went through many designed forms, from having many mouths, to having a fork like pair of arms coming out of the top of his head.
  • Specle loves to eat cats, and has attacked Mally on occasion. In his defense, Mally can be an annoying little booger.
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