One of ezrie's earlier snowman cartoons.

Ezrie's Snowman==

Who is Snowman?Edit

Snowman, Ezrie's mascot, is, as stated, a snowman. Rather, a large collection of snowmen since they melt so fast. Although Ezrie does not now refer to Snowman as a mascot, in the original mascot group Snowman fit the definition. Snowman is usually getting into all kinds of mischief and mayhem.


Snowman constantly takes on many different jobs. In fact, Snowman is sometimes his own one man community. It is revealed that Snowman has a few friends, but they have very little personality. One snowman in particular was found out he wasn't a snowman at all, but a lungfish! Snowman used to have a role as the stagehand in Ezriekart, although it is now taken by other characters.