Shamiyago is one of my old Spore creatures when I was a Noob in the game Shamiyago is also one of my favorite creature that I created I use them in my adventure and my Chaolin Serie. I made the Shamiyago in the Creature Stage on spore note the color of the Shamiyago was first a creature with blue and light blue spots but in the end of the creature stage I change the color keep the same colors but now has light blue lines on the Shamiyago and it stay like this as of now.There also make great Camera Mans :D


A shamiyago close up

Classic Shamiyago

The Shamiyago in it old colors

Shamiyago (1)

The Shamiyago in it's new color as of now

Shamiyago ship

The Shamiyago as a spaceship

Not much known about the Shamiyago but they do have electric powers which makes them very powerful