Seedge- Posed

Seedge waving at you!

Seedge is a baby clone of Sedger made by IB(by accident). He thinks Sedger is his daddy.


Due to Sedger now being able to be cloned, IB came up with the idea to make an army of Sedger clones to help Sedger. Sedger agreed only to have IB make a few, and went to IB's lab. Sedger got into the cloning machine, and the machine started up. Apparently the machine malafunctioned, and only one cone was made, who ended up being a baby. It thought Sedger was his daddy, and Sedger was shocked. IB named the baby Seedge, who started crawling on Sedger. Sedger discussed with IB if he should keep Seedge, though IB thought Sedger should keep Seedge, since Sedger would now more about his species than he does(and partially because he thought Seedge might destroy his lab). Sedger then decided to give Seedge to Teki , who was caring for the baby Dronoax Perpl . Sedger would then visit Seedge to help him control his powers.


  • Sedger(daddy, or so Seedge thinks)
  • IB(Seedge's creator)
  • Teki(adopted Seedge)
  • Perpl(friend)
  • Xil(apparently has crush on)


  • Karu(Sedger's mate) thinks Seedge is cute, making Sedger steam(the Dronoax form of blushing), since Seedge is Sedger. Or at least, a baby version of him.
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