A Sajinaxo in flight.


Sajinaxos are towering creatures that dweel in the vaccum of space. They are nearly 30 stories high, and can change color to hide in plain sight. Sajinaxos are worshiped by the people of [[Hoatzin (planet)|Hoatzin]] as gods, and have cities and monuments built in their name. When a Sajinaxo dies, it expands and then fades away into stardust.


Sajinaxos appear to be large black creatures with 2 long lanky arm-like appendages with 3 tentacle-like fingers on the end of each. The have sensor-like organs all over their "face", which look similar to eyes. When on a planet's surface, they can use the fingers on the ends of their arms to walk, which is why scientists classify them a hexipedal.

Ploxl's Exodus: Shadows of a HeroEdit

in PESOAH, a Sajinaxo is fought when Jellpo accidentally destroyes a statue in the Catacombs. After defeat, it flies away and drops the catalyst that is needed to open the central gate in the shrine room.

A Sajinaxo also took care of Saijin and Nuro when their Father perished.


  • Saxinajos were based of off Emperor Sea Striders from Wayne Barlowe's "Expedition" book and it's film adaption, "Alien Planet".