Project Origins is a 7 series-long saga that will reveal the purpose behind the creation of all mascots, and the race who made it happen


Project Origins will begin with Ploxl's Exodus: Shadows of a Hero, and will end with Before SPORE. Here is the first part of the story in a nutshell.

Ploxl, Wispell, and Jellpo unintentionally cause a mass extinction at the end of PESOAH when the shadow shards from Loffica disband into space. There are 6 shards in totall; 1 lands back on Mascotia and becomes the antagonist of Spotquest, the others are sent to different times in the past through a worm hole.

1 lands on Desnorca

1 lands on The Gellata Nexus

1 lands on Soluna (this one doesn't travel back in time, it falls off of Oragonex's ship in PESOAH)

2 land on Pantheon. From there, they enter a wormhole device and 1 gets sent back in time to Alkeny when Relucas was a child, and the other is sent to Pantheon billions of year ago.


  • Project Origins began being planned out during holiday season of 2009. It will most likely be finished sometime around 2012-2013.