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Paxel is one of the many creatures who came with Ploxl in his capsule on the way to Mascotia, but Paxel was hit by a sun's heat waves before crashing down so he was imbued with resistance to fire instead of dying.

Biography Edit

On the planet Earth, scientists were studying DNA transfection in their attempts to alter life until it could survive on other planets. Axolotls, known for their abilities to regenerate any body part and heal very quickly, were the first test subject. Transfecting their DNA with custom strands, the axolotl eggs were sealed in a capsule and launched into space. After being knocked off-course by the gravitational force of a wandering celestial mass, the pod drifted away into deep space, and was never seen by humans again...

Some time later, the pod went through a wormhole and landed on a barren world. Paxel emerged from the pod soon after Ploxl and as soon as he saw Ploxl (Who was in VERY angelic lighting at the time) bring life to Mascotia when he stepped on it, Ploxl became his hero.

He was thrown into a volcano and imprisoned in fire and brimstone for a year more than Ploxl and he immediately went to locate his hero. His name came from when Ploxl first said "Ploxl" and he thought he said "Paxel" which Paxel believed was his name, in hopes that Ploxl had called him. Through his life he imitated Ploxl and everything he did, like learning to read and write and speak.

After this event, many other creatures somehow found their way to the once-barren world called Mascotia

Relations towards other CharactersEdit

Ploxl - He has been obsessed with Ploxl ever since he saw him bring life to Mascotia all those years ago.

Loffica - Paxel has great feelings for Loffica ever since he first stalk... err, I mean met her!

Ralpok - A tribal Makop that Paxel met very many years ago on a trip through Mascotia's wilderness.


Did you know Paxel has never made any appearances in anything ever?