I'm terrible at drawing people, so here's a flag


The PFCR, People For Copepods' Rights. They are a pro-crustacean terrorist group which consistently attempts to illegalize copepod eating, to no avail. Some of their common enemies include Jellpo, Stauroteuthis, Blackdevil, Benthy, Spedge, and Naudi. Though they pretty much hate everybody. Their headquarters is located in Pelagia, though their all-terrain Copepod Battleships enable them to enforce their believes everywhere. These guys are highly dangerous lunatics, so exercise some caution.


The PFCR began when Allister McArthropodpants, an ambitious marine conservationist, began it in the year 1960 1870 2000 1789 Somewhen between back then and now. They quickly recruited members, and began harassing the Mascots. Recently, they have kept quiet, though they could be planning something big...


  • They're complete idiots, but they do perform some bizzare experiments.
  • Many other organizations have followed PFCR's example, though they aren't quite as successful (not that the PFCR was successful in the first place, though...)
  • George regularly purchases their pamphlets. He hides them under his bed.