A Moose

A Moose! This template gave rise to many varieties of demented moose.

These aren't your ordinary, Earth moose, these are MOOSE! It all began as a whimsy-build, which became a slightly popular template to edit. Unwittingly, the moose became a sub-mascot for Pettamapossum for some time. Pettamapossum later forgot about the moose, and it was adopted by Krytogrl2009, in which it became truly hilarious, appearing in all sorts of adventures.

As a TemplateEdit

Originally, MOOSE! was just a template, and many people created many funny versions, including "Chocolate Moose", "Winnie The Moose", "Yer Ol' Granny Moose", "Little Green Moose", and the dancing "Moosecow". All of that is rather irrelevant to the moose's position as a mascot.

As a MascotEdit

The first appearance of Moose as a mascot may have been when Stauroteuthis used a Battering Moose to get into the Slug's Fortress. The Moose was a character in the entire story afterwards. Then he was forgotten, until Krytogrl2009 gave it big parts in adventure series such as "The Revenge".

It eventually just became one of a species, and there were quite a few Moose characters.

As a SpeciesEdit

This is the most common creature in all of Sparklebrook, seen as protectors of the forest. They usually make obnoxious moo-like calls, but sometimes say "MOOSE!" very loudly. They are odd, incapable of conversation (So it is thought), and stupid. Well, most are stupid. Apparently, the moose aren't from Earth originally, and have some sort of amazing secret. Nobody cares, though. Thery're just moose.

Well, maybe ONE mascot cares...

Notable MooseEdit

  • Moosetavius.
    Thundering Moosalope

    The dreaded Thundering Moosalope.

  • Moose-In-A-Bottle (Character that occasionally appears in Krytogrl2009's comics.)
  • The Battering Moose.
  • The great Spirit Moose.


  • Apparently, they have the ability to fly. Weird.
  • McSttuppad, a cowardly Sttuporious, has a strange connection with the moose.
  • King Ivan, the slug lord, was defeated by a mysterious, charismatic moose.
  • They usually just get in the way. Vehicles hit them, and the kaiju that live neaby Sparklebrook Woods eat them.
  • The moose character predates Drunk Lobster.
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