Monk, in his current SPORE incarnation.

Stephen AKA Monk
Creator SabreMel
Titles Monk, Monkey Boy
Hometown Earth
Age 13
Gender Male
Race Monkey (but has human DNA)
Role SabreMel's mascot that represents him
Family None named
Affiliation Friends with Kaptain K, Cameron, Kyle, Jake, Sam, Tadpole, Spot, and other mascots. Has a crush on Nika.
Weapons Claws, teeth, agility, prehinsile tail, has a load of guns in his basement

Monk is a 13-year old monkey with an active, adventurous, happy-go lucky, playful personality. His interests include sports, video games, and girls.


Name: Monk Name Origin: SabreMel's nickname while playing soccer; short for Monkeyboy

Species: Human-Monkey Hybrid Height: 5'5

Relatives: Unknown Father and Mother (Deceased), Claims he'll marry Nika in the future ("Just you wait and see!")


He is very playful, often to the annoyance to his friends. He is also very friendly...odd, considering he doesn't have a whole lot of friends. He is very athletic but also very nerdy ("Your just jealous because YOU don't have straight A's!").He is very bothersome, but for the most part he doesn't mean to be. All he does is just to have fun. And to go out with Nika.

History of MonkEdit

Monk1color 001

An old drawing of Monk that I dug up from underneath my crap. My drawing skills haven't gotten much better...

SabreMel first created Monk as the answer to bigbear629's Sam. Monk represents SabreMel, and was inspired by the alias he went by while playing soccer (he's very good at it, mind you), Monk (short for Monkeyboy).

Biography of MonkEdit

Monk is a Monkey-Human hybrid raised by Monkeys on the planet of New Zealand Paradise (NZP). He was born on June 6, 2058. His parents presumbly died when Earth exploded, so Monk got "adopted" by a group of Monkeys when they left Earth. He is a great friend of Sam, Kyle, Camron, Jake, Nika, Spot, Tadpole, Kaptain K, and Plakie, tho his friends are often annoyed by him. He lives with his friend Nika, who he offered to give shelter to when she suddenly appeared in Mascotia one day during a storm, with no memory of her past. Although she is a great friend of Monk, she is completely oblivious of the fact he likes her,



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