Depiction of Mission98


Mission98 was a mysterious occurence which only Gilbert knows of. Top-Secret.

Let's begin then...Edit

Long ago, on planet Sol-3, the Homo sapiens had a large, impressive, and prosperous association devoted to studying space. This... Is not the story of that organization. It is the story of a small, cheap, and unprofessional company, which sent a shuttle out to study a planet which was recently confirmed to have the basics of life. The company wanted to populate the planet, and put on the spacecraft 3 jellyfish of various ages and species. However, this company blew all their money on the shuttle and specimens, and could not afford a half-way decent astronaut. So they got stuck with a joking, obnoxious man by the name of G. Wushernickel, who took life as a big joke. Naturally, he ignored the warnings and shouts from mission control when he piloted the craft into a wormhole. Upon entering this wormhole, the jellyfish went through neoteny, and the pilot died. However, his ghost was stabilized. This portal was in fact a link to a strange interdimensional plane full of nonsense. Soon the jellyfish discovered they could walk and talk (not with a eurotrash accent, though) and they traveled across the land, meeting new companions. Soon they stumbled upon a strange settlement known as Spond. There they met many friends, axolotls, lungfish, hellbenders, tadpoles, aliens, frogs, mud puppies, and many other strange beings too numerous to count. The long journey to this settlement erased the memory of the shuttle from all their minds, except for the pilot's ghost...