What is MirrorLand?Edit

MirrorLand, or the plane of existance above Flat Mascotia, is the mirror opposite of Mascotia. An opposite of every mascot exists in this realm. It is suggested that the shadows of characters such as Darklung and DP may come from this dimension originally.

Where is MirrorLand?Edit

MirrorLand is directly above mascotia, hanging upside down above the moon. It is because of MirrorLand's existance that the moon is so distorted and confusing, as the powers of light and darkness are contantly battling on it, the moon is a merge. MirrorLand can only be accessed from The Mirror Room contained within Deep Jungle in the Okongo region.

Shatter DayEdit

A day celebrated in honor of the loss of MirrorLand. On this day, everything shattered. Flat Mascotia became Orbit Mascotia. Because of this, there was no room left for MirrorLand to exist, and the force of the change shattered the mirror in Deep Jungle, along with it all of MirrorLand and it's inhabitants. However, exactly a year from the original Shatter Day, Johnny finished Jerron's last wish, to restore MirrorLand by putting the Mirror back together.