Mally, xJEANx's first and main mascot.


"Mally? Boy, you look like the grox!"

Mally is a yellow cat that just HAPPENS to look like the grox(Surrreeee.....). He is quite short and has

He looks like the Grox.

gigantic claws.


Mally has THE biggest ego in all of mascotia. Yea. Even bigger than Spot's. He sees himself as the ruler of the universe, because, after all, the universe IS his litterbox.

Mally is a very stubborn cat, and refuses to live without luxury. One time, he even stole a TV and jukebox from Bigbear because he considered it necessary for life. This may be because Mally is used to being treated like a king, he has his own mansion and statue in town.



New Mally on the left, Old Mally on the right.

Mally is a 17 year old cat, making him an elder among his kind. Then again, this is mascotia. He eats...3 times a day? His cuteness level is 100 and his speed is 70, making him the perfect theif/kleptomaniac.



  • Bigbear
  • Spot
  • Tadpole
  • Anyone he can potentially con


  • Manny
  • Dogs of any sort.
  • Anyone smart enough that he can't con.



  • Mally seems to resemble the grox somewhat to most people, but to frogs and tadpoles he looks exactly like one.
  • At one point in time, Mally was THE mascot, bigbear's right hand man.
  • Mally will do anything for cash, even sell lemonade for 50 bucks in the desert.
  • His name is derived from the word 'Malicious'.