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PikminBulbmin101 (AKA Wulfeh or Kitsu) is one of the most active users in the Mascot Community. She has been close friends with other users such as ShadowRaptor101, Waffle_Flish,and Betterthanyou since the day she joined. She is known for her random, ecxtatic personallity as well as her collection of almost entirely-female mascots.


Pikminbulbmin101 joined the Mascot Community in late 2009 after a user's comment lead her to discovering the community. In December of 2009, she created her most popular mascot, Kishiru. She first formally met ShadowRaptor101 when she requested him to make a portrait creation of Kishiru. In Summer of 2010, ShadowRaptor101 revealed to her that Ploxl has feelings for Kishiru. Since then, many "fanships" have been created throughout the community. In late 2010, ShadowRaptor101 sent out baby Xenogaros to everyone in the community. Of all the people who adopted one, PikminBulbmin101 adopted the most. It is beleived she is wanted on Desnorca.

After she became obsessed with the Xenogaros, she changed her named to 'XenoWulfehBot, her persona changed to a cybernetic werewolf with the talons and eyes of a Xenogaro. She has, since then, been refered to as "Wulfeh". Though through even more time, she changed her persona to a silver pelted kitsune originally named "SilverKitsune" which changed to "KizuKitsu" which changed to "Kitsu." The appearance changed again to a platinum red fox. She actually is trying to convince herself to change back with the help of others. One of her friends made a statement to be both of her avatars, Kitsu AND Wulfeh.

Character rolesEdit

Kishiru, Kitsu's most famous character, plays a large role in Ploxl's Exodus: Shadows of a Hero. In the series, she plays the role of "damsel in distress". Because ShadowRaptor101 did not want any plagerised references in his series, he had a small conversation with Kitsu, and the result was Kishiru undergoing a new look and an entierly new species change.


-She is best known for her randomocity or her creativity.

-Her previous persona Wulfeh, still exists but is now used as a regular sona.

-She will sometimes call herself by the name "Folding Chair."