Ferdinand is a Indian Mudskipper, and a lesser mascot of Vulturewing. He looks much like your everyday Indian Mudskipper.


Ferdinand is extremely intelligent. He is also easily annoyed.

Ferdinand in his Halloween costume of 2011

Unlike most smart creatures of Mascotia (like Tadpole or Pippy) he is not an evil mastermind. He however has a degree in Zoology, Botany, Mycology, Paleontology, Archeology, Arachnology and the little known study of Ufology.

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Enemies and FoesEdit


  • Ferdinand was originally named 'Muddy'.
  • Before he was renamed, Ferdinand was a full mascot. However, he became a Sub-scot because he was not well recieved.
  • He still will be a commonly reoccuring character, however