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Ethan the hermit crab, the first mascot of''' PT101.

Ethan is a hermit crab and the first ever mascot created by PokemonTepig101, also called Pkmntepig or PT101. Ethan is one of the lesser known mascots, being created by a neglected creator.


When Ethan was born he was washed away from his home by a tidal wave. He then woke up and crawled around on the ocean floor until he found a fishing pole. He grabbed the line and was hanked ashore by fisherman and taken to a fish store. Ethan then lived in the store for a month before he had to be realeased. He was realesed into the water in a pond. Ethan then wandered the pond for awhile before finding a wormhole in the deepest part of the pond. He looked around the wormhole until a current pushed him into it. After watching countless dimensions fly by him he landed in Spot's Pond, Mascotia. He looked at himself to find that he had turned a bright orange and looked like a cartoon crab. He then wandered around without a thought because most of his memories dissapered when he was in the wormhole. He soon found Gilroy, the beaver and second created mascot of PT101. Ethan and Gilroy soon became best buds.

It turned out that Gilroy was born in Mascotia, though his family was taken to a planet called 'Earth' after Gilroy's birth. Ethan soon found a small axolotl egg, which he picked up and took along with him. The egg then hatched into young Maylo. Ethan and Maylo then found Eric, an axolotl like Maylo. Eric was a little older then Maylo but the two fell in love at first sight. Gilroy disappeared and Ethan found the other mascots like Ploxl, Jellpo and Spot. Ethan now lives in Spot's Pond and has many friends, but always waits for Gilroy to return.

Friends and EnemiesEdit





-Anyone who doesn't annoy him. Enemies

-Mally (He thinks he's annoying as HELL)

-Tadpole (Ditto with Mally)

-Anyone who is annoying and/or stupid.