Ehrid was a region of Mascotia, long ago absorbed by the abyss. It existed in the Archaic Times, and will reemerge in the age of Mortal Mascotia. Ehrid still exists within the Absorbed Realm.

It was located at the most eastern edge of Mascotia.

The symbol of Ehrid, land of wisdom and morals.


  • Name - Ehrid
  • Biomes - Sand Dunes, Arid Mountains, City Ruins, Open Ocean, River Delta, Deep Sea Trench, Salt Lake
  • Neighboring Regions - Pelagia, Prismia, Estuaria, Ctastra
  • Official Element - Tech
  • Guardian Sprite - Ehridis
  • Population Density - Low (Absorbed Realm)
  • Tectionic Activity - Low

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Daphulex City - The last stronghold for the Denfid people. These technologically advanced arthropods worship the guardian Sprite Ehridis, who gave them technology at the center of this very city, long ago. They have holed themselves up here while they slowly weaken and suffer from a defficiency of precious sulfur.
  • Endless Desert - Once thought to be savannah and forest, this desert came into being when the Denfid people became too destructive with their technological power, and stripped the land of all resources. VERY few creatures survive here, and those that do are desperate.
  • Ravaged City - This twisted mess of metal and debris was once a Denfid city. It has been abandoned for Millenia after the destruction reaped apon it by a wrathful familiar of Ehridis.
  • Olunis' Crypt - This sacred tomb was made long ago by Denfid worshipping Ehridis. All sorts of bizarre technological implements mix with sandstone architecture in a most peculiar way.
  • Glass Dunes - Here, the combination of a concentrated solar blast coupled with Defnid experimental plasma bubble weapons (superheated gas in a bubble of electromagnetic energy which popped upon impact, releasing a wave of heat) created an area now known as the Glass Dunes. Over time, the sand here has turned to glass as more and more plasma bubbles were popped on the surface. This created a solid, layer of glass several metres deep which in some places, revealed caverns under the desert full of exotic metals (which were soon stripped). 
  • Caustic Lake - A caustic soda lake which stretches for miles lies here, where only the hardiest of creatures dwell. The Denfid people were so determined to get at the jewels that lie below, that they created watercraft capable of surviving the corrosive liquids around it.

Native Flora and FaunaEdit

Some odd cactus-like protrusions pop up here and there, and the occasional shrub is sometimes sighted in the desert. The riverbanks are still choked with reeds, but for the most part, flora has been annihalated in this region almost entirely.

Some fauna exists, but next to nothing is known about it.


Most precious metals and ores have been long ago stripped away by the Denfid's insatiable appetite for resources. The area is mostly littered with sand, sandstone, and metal debris.

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