Dreadlock is one of the main villains in the Stick Man! chronicles.
Stick Man vs. Dreadlock

Stick Man! vs. Dreadlock. (With Doodleopolis in the background!)

He was once a scientist named Ray Folical, he was working on a hair grown formula to cure baldness. (which most stickmen suffered from) He had tested the formula the day before the Blue Experiment, and it had failed. However after ingesting the B.L.U. Forumla, he grew long, tentacle like hair that he could control as if they were limbs on his body. He followed The Blot in his quest for world domination, (The Blot tricked him into thinking he'd rule the world when instead he's gonna destroy it) and like The Blot he despises Stick Man!, for no other reason than because The Blot does.


  • Dreadlock's last name, Folical, is a play-on-words of the word Follicle, referring to his hair.
  • Dreadlock's hair acts like whips, so much like Willow Smith he can "whip his hair back and forth!" (I couldn't resist)
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