Catzilla is a large Bombay cat.


Little is known about Catzilla's history, but many think it was probably radiation from the lazer rays of various evil masterminds of Mascotia such Tadpole, Pippy or Cheesepuff that mutated him. He first appeared in a town near Sparklebrook, that he damaged badly, he has since randomly appeared in places since then, and most aren't overjoyed to see him.

Currently Catzilla dwells in his den in Central Mascotia, although he often leaves here for days, when he leaves he stocks up on food, he then usually vanishes for a few days, supposedly into his den.


Although most Mascot's view Catzilla as a mindless monster he is more intelligent than most kaiju, and actually quite heroic. Although, surprisingly his main personality is jollyness, although people usually try to keep him upset as his purrs cause massive earth tremors.

Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Birdan
  • Dogguirus
  • Kamacuras (varies, sometimes they think he looks dorky)
  • Ferretthra
  • Harry


  • MOOSE! (although he doesn't view them as enemies, he views them as food)


  • Originally Catzilla lacked spines and had a really big head and a long neck.