Cannon as he appears in Spore, he may be small, but his boulders can be dangerous! (Tadpole learned this the hard way.)

Cannon is a bit abnormal for his species. He's 13, but he still has not metamorphisized into the adult form of a decorated cannon beetle. Aside from this, it is well known by other mascotians that Cannon tends to go off on little adventures every chance he gets, which can be a bit of a problem, you see, Cannon has a strange ability that causes whatever adventure he and his group of friends are going on becomes a reality. This has happened on a number of occasions where the adventure made some Mascotians very uncomfortable. Like the time Cannon decided to play 'Temple of the Bloody Souls' at midnight... In the middle of Spot's house. Now imagine how Spot felt to awaken and see he was suspended over a pit of lava, in a cave by an iron grate, while bloody souls screamed and flew around him.