Art by Pettamapossum


54, but still young


Male... probably


Humpback, or Black-Devil Anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsonii)

Height & Weight

3'3, 97 lbs

First Appearance



Fang, Red Lantern, Stauroteuthis, Drunk Lobster, Spot, Dunkey, Staury


Streamline, Bull, Hugh Mungus


Benthia - The Benthic Prairie


Eeting, Belching, Ballroom Dance

Famous Quote

"Bluh huh huh! Can I eet you now?"

Blackdevil is a minor mascot created by Pettamapossum, and lover of all things food. Particularly other aquatic mascots.


Full Name: Blackdevil the Bioluminescent.

Species: Black Devil Anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsonii), more commonly known as the Humpback Anglerfish, or Common Black Devil.

Gender: Male.

Home: Originally from the Benthic Prairie, of the region Benthia. He now lives in Spot's Pond, of the Spond region.

Hobbies: Eating, swimming, hanging out with friends, parties, creative writing.
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An older version of Blackdevil the Bioluminsecent.


Blackdevil is not hard to get along with. He is kind and caring, although his stomach is far bigger than his brain. Because of this, he has a desire to eat almost anyone he meets. This makes for very awkward conversations. Blackdevil tries to supress his carnivorous hunger with all his might, but it's usually not enough. All he truly wants is to have friends. Despite the fact he tries to eat them often, even succeeding in a few cases by eating his friend George, he does have friends.

Blackdevil's recent remake, made to look especially derpy.

He is as dumb as a post, but cares more about his friends than anything. Even food. But his instincts can never be fully supressed, so what's a devoured friend here and there?


Blackdevil originally lived in the Benthic Prairie of Benthia, but he was often bullied, and many creatures tried to eat him for a change. He was too soft for a terrifying place like this, so he moved away.

It is unknown how he moved to Spond. Stauroteuthis may be responsible. He currently has his own cave full of skeletal remains, and undead rosy minnows.



One-Sided Friendships: (In which Blackdevil does not realize the other does not care for him much.)

Afraid Of:


  • He is very proud of the fact he can belch his ABC's.
  • He looks just like a female anglerfish, but he insists he is a male. Mascotia has just morphed him that way.
  • He knows Benthia like the back of his fin. He just never visits.
  • Blackdevil got a negative number on his SATs.
  • George the copepod is often eaten by Blackdevil, but a little Ipecac cures the problem every time. Blackdevil doesn't seem to mind puking. It's an exciting sensory experience for him.
  • Fang, Blackdevil's best friend, has the same view on eating things as Blackdevil, but is far more intelligent than him.
  • Red Lantern also has a similar view on eating things, although not identical, as he eats people completely on purpose.
  • Blackdevil's first appearance was in the building editor, as a sign for Pettamapossum's deep sea creature contest.