Beta-XR6 was created by Spore player Apollo9898.


Almost nothing is known about Beta's past. He was found one day by Gobi, who then brought him to Dr.


Catastrophus to fix up. However Beta's memory core, while not damaged, had no memories in it. All of them had been deleted. Because of this it is unknown how long Beta had been on Mascotia before he was found. (He possibly could have been there before Ploxl)


While working on him Dr. C. found a very large amount of weapons, and a black diamond suit of battle armor hidden under his outer chasis. Knowing that if this power got into the wrong hands it would be diasterous for Mascotia, or even the whole galaxy, he programed Beta to only use this power if he hears the code: "Activate Program 44865960."

No one knows this, not even Beta, but under all that armor is a power core with more power than five galatic warp drives. An orb of pure kinetic energy with enough power to lay waste to an entire planet! Luckilly, Beta's creator place several restraining codes keeping Beta from using 100% power. Still, if it ever happened, no one would be left on Mascotia.


  • Beta is the only one of Apollo9898's mascots that was on Mascotia before Project Origins.
  • Beta was based of P-Body from the game Portal 2
  • Beta doesn't talk like a normal person, instead talks like a robot. (DUH!)
  • Beta can use his lazer gun and small missile lunchers without hearing the bettle activation code.
  • Beta's outer chasis is made of Steel, his back-up chasis is made of titanium, and his battle armor is made of black diamond.
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