Appsody is an Audica Unit from Pantheon. She was shipped to Mascotia after Pantheon became overpopulated,

Appsody, as drawn by PitchBlackPheonix.

in an attempt to get multiple specimens off of the planet. Since her arrival, Appsody has been disliked and liked by many other inhabitants. It is unclear whether she is from the future or the past.


Appsody was built on Pantheon by the AI factories that run the planet. However, a war broke out and the factory that built the Audica Units was forced to shut down, leaving Appsody incomplete. Although she was perfectly functional, she had no voice chip, and therefore, could only speak through sound clips and music.

After the war, Pantheon became overpopulated and many robots were forced to be shipped away into the vaccum of space. Appsody was one of these robots. Fortunately, the shipping pod Appsody was packaged in eventually went through a dimensional rift and landed in the Li'l EX town region of Mascotia.

During one of his trips, Ceaphus encountered her and built her a voice chip. Because Audica Units were made from technology much more advanced than Ceaphus' knowledge, the voice chip only works under certain conditions. Appsody now speaks using both her voice chip and through song. He also gave her the ability to hover by using her single foot as a propeller.


Appsody is quite friendly and kind towards others. However, her loud rambuncious music and attitude annoy many other people. Appsody is made of very stong metal that only exists under the crust of Pantheon. She is small in size, but her metallic body is 250 Lbs., making her somewhat slow. In the rare occurence that she gets mad, she will emit a powerful high-frequncy noise that is strong enough to shatter glass, crack stone, snap trees in half, and even level small hills. This, fortunately, rarely happens.

Mostly appsody likes listening to music like rhapsody in blue, and other good songs.


Ituns - Ituns is another Audica Unit, a male one at that. He has a crush on Appsody, although she veiws him more as a friend.

Bot - Bot, being the very first robot she met on Mascotia, is her love interest, although her feelings for him turn on and off when she reboots herself.

Ploxl - Ploxl was one of Appsody's first friends. They get along very nicely and dance to random music when they have nothing better to do.

Kishiru - Kishiru and Appsody are like sisters. Appsody knows of Kishiru's feelings for Ploxl, and often mediates between them.


  • Appsody's name is a blend of "Application" and "Rhapsody".
  • Appsody and her home planet Pantheon were created alongside Ploxl and Zennra.
  • If Appsody comes from the future, then that would mean that Pantheon is still currently under-populated.
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