Alkenites are the sentient race from the panet Alkeny. They have a reptillian appearance, but evolved from crustacean-like animals.


The earliest known descendants were called Alkories, small shrimp-like creatures that lived in bays and estuaries. After they became land-dwelling Alkors, they lived in highlands and began evolving their well-known reptillian features. Eventually, their bodies were completely reformatted; their muscles were now inside their hollow bones which resembled crabshells, and their skin became dark blue scales. Their heads were round with a slight reptillian snout and a crown of exoskeletal plates.

Eventually, the exoskeletal plates shrunk into their necks and became their frills, and their snouts shrank to their current rounded faces. They evolved lizard-like fingers in addition to the two graspers from their athropodic past. Their finned tails shrunk until it simply became two small tails, and their insectoid wings became totally vestigial and were sealed in their spine, rendered completely useless.

Then, they went under a few small changes and began walking upright, and then finally acheived sentience. As a sapient species, they began living off fish and fruit, and throughout their entire history, even to this day, they have been archrivals with a massive fish species called the Tagora. Although the tagora fish is not sapient, it is dangerous, smart, huge, and hunts Alkenites who venture out into the seas of Alkeny. Alkenites also hunt their babies for food, which is high in demand; not for its taste, but for the sole fact that getting one makes one get major respect for their bravery.


Most of Alkenite technologies are all biomechanical, being either partially biological or resembling a biological lifeform. Much of their technologies are frequently stolen by other empires, mainly the Xenogaros.