NOTE: This info is not part of the official Maskotia cannon.


Abaddon is the main antogonist of the Maskotia Awakening trilogy. It is the final remaining piece of The Null. After it's defeat, only a fraction (about 4%) of The Null's power remained undestroyed. This small fraction of power was weak, obviously, so it retreated to the dark rift. There it fed on the limitless darkness generated by the rift. It grew in power, and began to plan. Though it was still weak, if it could find a host it would be able to free itself. It waited years, but finally one entered the dark rift who was a suitable host. This person, was Drakar.

Maskotia Awakening: The RisingEdit

While he was within the rift, the creature played with Drakar's mind. It began to burrow its way in, slowly but surely taking control. Even though Drakar only spent a few years in the dark rift, small time compared to criminals of the cosmos, it was long enough for the creature to gain enough control of Drakar to escape along with him. So when Arachna came and freed Drakar from the dark rift, the monster took the opertunity to escape with Drakar.

But Abaddon was still weak, and he needed power. He used Drakar to attempt a preposterous mission to attack the Realm of Light. With Drakar's help, he was able to consume the Everstar, plungin the universe into darkness once again, and giving Abaddon power. Unfortunately for him, Blaze showed up and stopped it.


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